Mary Lake, Ghostly Headmistress

Seems like private schools for girls are ghost-friendly.  Here’s one story that sounds like it was ripped from the pages of The Doppelgänger Song. According to the legend:

Senator James G. Fair, who made a bundle of money from his silver mines in the Comstock lode, located in Nevada, built an elegant boarding / finishing school, a fine example of Victorian architecture, in his hometown of San Francisco, in 1889. In 1990, the boarding school opened, known as the THE MARY LAKE SCHOOL FOR GIRLS, mainly so his daughters Virginia and Tessie could move to San Francisco, to be near him. James G. Fair wanted to spend more time with his teen daughters, as his relationship with them was strained due to family dynamics.

Senator James G. Fair had a favorite mistress, Mary Lake. She became the Head Mistress, in charge of teaching 100 well-to-do girls the behavior norms of women from upper class society, including etiquette, social skills, and polite standards of the times. She truly enjoyed teaching and taking care of her young charges, as she loved the girls and earnestly took her position of responsibility very seriously.

However, the school closed in 1896, probably because of financial difficulties. Poor Mary was crushed when the school was closed. It broke her heart. She disappeared from San Francisco. The building sold a few years before the destructive earthquake of 1906, which leveled many parts of San Francisco through quake damage and fire, which resulted from the moving earth. This building was one of the lucky ones to escape the destruction!

Throughout the years, this building passed through many hands. In 1980, it was bought and given much needed renovation work, and opened for business as The Queen Anne B & B Hotel.

How exactly does Mary Lake make her presence known?

  • Psychic people have felt a benign presence throughout the hotel.
  • The entity of Mary Lake wanders around, keeping an eye on her “guests.” The most common occurrences are unexplainable cold spots and the sighting of a misty apparition of Mary Lake.
  • Gentle, concerned Mary Lake dedicates herself to making sure that her guests are comfortable, wanting them to have a pleasant stay. She has unpacked and hung up clothes, picks objects off the floor that were dropped, and has tucked covers in around people in the middle of the night.

Read more here and book your stay here.


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