KiteMy co-author, Bill Shears, has received a great review from DesignZ by Dede for his sci-fi, Kite.

Inside Kite, an alarm screeched. This one more shrill than the last. In addition, lights flashed on the console. A disinterested institutional-grade, gender-non-specific voice was activated for this event, and it announced: “Reducible waste in Orbit #1. Inhabited craft endangered.” Dash woke wide up, but he still didnt’ rise from his couch.

“Now what?”

Out the front window he saw the two-seater skid ahead.


What do self-aware software, space debris, sly references to Douglas Adams’ Hitchhiker trilogy, and the Tunguska Event have in common? All appear in Bill Shears excellent novel “KiTE”.

Read the review.
Read a sample.
Purchase the book.


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