The Doppelganger Song

With their long relationship on the verge of collapse, security consultant Frank and psychologist Holly team up as paranormal investigators. A teacher at an old private girls’ school in The Bronx, NY, has been severely injured. Was it a suicide attempt or is the teacher’s double causing trouble? Frank and Holly sort the eerie from the merely strange.

The Doppelganger Song

The Doppelganger Song

Holly Ambrose, a beautiful and accomplished psychiatrist with a string of degrees as long as her arm, and Frank Zhelikhovsky, a Desert Storm vet and rock solid security consultant have been together for 11 years but lately their relationship has thinned. Professionally their individual consulting practices are flat, and personally they spend more time apart than together. Both possessed of a degree of skepticism they now find themselves cast in the roles of paranormal detectives.

Teacher Emma Ward went out the fourth floor window of the Gracewynne School, a private girls’ academy in the Bronx. Did she attempt suicide or was she pushed? Holly and Frank have been called in to investigate the incident and the situation. In the course of their investigation they encounter what seems to be a shape-shifter or doppelganger.

They find Emma in a hospital bed seriously injured, where she tells them her sad story, about how her desperation for even the shallowest love led to Scott, a city assistant prosecutor. She’s now sure he only dated her to get information on the school, either for a criminal investigation, for an extortion plan, or for both.

Frank and Holly take the case and soon discover that all is not right at the Gracewynne School, but their relationship may not survive long enough for them to root out the truth.


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